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Case Header Cards

Elevate your beverage brand's visibility with eco-friendly and customizable case header cards. Perfect for liquor, beer, wine, RTD cocktails, hard ciders, hard seltzers, etc., these interchangeable cards can be designed in custom shapes and sizes to match your branding and promotional imagery. Designed for beverage brands, including liquor, beer, wine, RTD cocktails, hard ciders, hard seltzers, and more, these cards can be easily inserted into existing displays or stacks of cases, providing a visually appealing and brand-consistent solution.

Our case header cards are crafted using eco-friendly corrugate materials, ensuring a sustainable approach for your brand and with the option to print on one or two sides, you have the flexibility to showcase your brand's message and imagery effectively.


Stock sizes

Small Case Card

Dimensions: 12” x 18”

Pack-out Dimensions: 13” x 19” x 4”

Pack-out Weight: 5lbs

Medium Case Card

Dimensions: 13” x 20”

Pack-out Dimensions: 14” x 20” x 4”

Pack-out Weight: 7lbs

Large Case Card

Dimensions: 16” x 24”

Pack-out Dimensions: 17” x 25” x 4”

Pack-out Weight: 9lbs

Extra Large Case Card

Dimensions: 18” x 30”

Pack-out Dimensions: 19” x 31” x 4”

Pack-out Weight: 13lbs 


The Kraftwork Commitment

Our focus is simple: to provide high-quality display solutions that not only captivate but communicate. Trust in Kraftwork's expertise to elevate your brand presence with our exceptional Case Cards.



Looking for something custom?

Have a unique idea in mind? Our industry-leading designers are ready to help.


Industry-leading sustainability

We have done the work to give our clients peace of mind.

Our team cares about how the projects we produce impact the environment so we have researched and developed products that are made in an FSC-certified factory, using corrugate materials with 100% post-consumer recycled content and that are 100% recyclable. 

We also achieve 100% recyclability with many of our pre-engineered product designs by eliminating all metal and plastic components and through the usage of carefully selected materials and production processes.