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4-Shelf Case Bin Displays

Introducing our efficient and appealing pop-up style 4-shelf bin displays that can be assembled in minutes. These sturdy merchandisers are designed specifically for your beer, wine, or liquor products, providing a visually appealing showcase. Each shelf is capable of supporting up to 50lbs, ensuring that your products are safely displayed. To facilitate a seamless ordering process and minimize upfront setup costs, we offer pre-designed options and are suitable for a variety of product types including individual bottles or cans to 4-packs, and even case packs, guaranteeing maximum visibility for your products.  For brands that require a specific size or shape, our team of designers is at the ready to create a structure that will suit those needs.


Stock sizes


Overall Dimensions: 9.75w x 11.375d x 61h

Shelf Size: 9.625w x 8.5d


Overall Dimensions: 18.125w x 13.875d x 76h

Shelf Size: 16w x 11d


Overall Dimensions: 18.75w x 11.375d x 67h

Shelf Size: 16.5w x 9.125d


Overall Dimensions: 20.5w x 14.5d x 55h

Shelf Size: 18.25w x 2.25d


More about our 4-Shelf Bin Displays

Sturdy Capacity

Beyond aesthetics, every Kraftwork 4-shelf display promises unmatched sturdiness, holding up to a solid 48 lbs per shelf, ensuring longevity and safety for your showcased products.

Adaptable Capacity Options

Your diverse product range finds a perfect home in our displays, comfortably fitting:

- 750ml liquor bottles

- 12oz standard or slim cans

- Dependable cases

- A range of other packaging solutions

Pack-Out Details

Quantity Per Pack-Out: 1

Pack-Out Weight: 8-13 lbs.

Pack-Out Dimensions: 55 x 22-35 x 3 inches


Why Choose Kraftwork's 4-Shelf Bin Displays?

Our commitment to excellence ensures that every beverage, no matter its size or packaging, has a tailor-made space. This dedicated approach ensures that the attention of every passing consumer is captured, driving sales and ensuring brand recall.



Looking for something custom?

Have a unique idea in mind? Our industry-leading designers are ready to help.


Industry-leading sustainability

We have done the work to give our clients peace of mind.

Our team cares about how the projects we produce impact the environment so we have researched and developed products that are made in an FSC-certified factory, using corrugate materials with 100% post-consumer recycled content and that are 100% recyclable. 

We also achieve 100% recyclability with many of our pre-engineered product designs by eliminating all metal and plastic components and through the usage of carefully selected materials and production processes.